Best Contour Pillow For Side Sleepers (2020) – Top 16

The best contour pillow for side sleepers is intended to provide you all-out comfort during your sleep and particularly if you experience the ill effects of body, muscle and joint pains. It is exceptionally intended to ensure that you keep up a decent posture as you sleep and along these lines, the entire healing process is accelerated to a limited degree.

For side sleepers, one advantage of a Contour pillow is that it adjusts to the space between the neck and the surface of pillow. It has a somewhat raised position, giving the correct degree of support to both the neck and the head. This can help in lessening neck pain, and even partial obstruction of the airways that can lead to snoring and sleep apnea.

They are a great idea when purchasing orthopedic mattresses thereby simply adding to the comfort in your bed. The best contour pillow for side sleepers are designed in such a way so that it positions your body in bed, particularly the neck region in the right way. Recall that wrong positioning during sleep is among the top-most factors that add to back pain issues.

The structure and the make of the pillows is to such an extent that they are delicate and firm enough in order to last a long period of time without losing their shape. Being manufactured using natural latex, the best contour pillow for side sleepers guarantee you durability just as unwavering quality. The manufacturers of Contour pillows likewise have everyone at the top of the priority list as you will find that they make the  pillows in light of all age-groups.

Recall that when you purchase these pillows you don’t simply get them only for it. You will discover those pillows that are made of organic wool and they also have a cotton casing. Anyway, since you are the individual who knows best the degree of comfort you are searching for, it is wise that you give them a shot before making a buy. This is the reason why online purchasing may be the best when it comes to buying pillows because then you get sleep trials and warrantees that comes with every purchases.
















Power of Nature

















The Best Contour Pillow For Side Sleepers – Reviewed

HOKEKI Cervical Pillow


  • HYPO-allergenic
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Double Edges Design
  • Premium Filling

When it comes to the best contour pillow for side sleepers HOKEKI luxury pillow offers you a superior rest every night, delicately makes you experience another gentle and unwinding time.

This Neck Pillow keeps the natural spinal alignment of your neck and improving stances while you are dozing. The therapeutic Ergonomic Structure is designed in order to relief your head, neck, back and shoulder from pain. This pillow will provide you support and give you better rest, whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper.

This cervical support pillow is designed with 4-ways construction coupled with two edges configuration that is very fit for various stances and offer you additional support and maximize comfort. It is more advantageous and agreeable for you to easily move from back to side sleeping.

Durable zipper design with the bed pillow gives full access to pillow filling. Cervical pillow is permitted to evacuate or add fillings to change the height of neck support pillows for side, back and stomach sleepers and give them greatest comfort. There is a bit of additional texture inside each pillow to isolate the zipper from the fillings and make it more helpful while zipping.

100% cotton texture cover that makes cervical pillow breathable, delicate and skin-accommodating, giving your better night. What’s more, the hypoallergenic polyester fillings, maximum soft and fluffy, versatile yet not stiff. What’s more, the twofold stitching hemming laces additionally make it sturdier and decrease the pillow risk from loose string or breaking.

Joymax Memory Foam Pillow


  • 100% Polyester
  • Aircell-Tech Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • Antimicrobial
  • hypoallergenic 
  • Odor-Free

This stunning memory foam pillow from Joymax is particularly intended to support and bolster the common contours of your neck, head, shoulders and back. Eases back, neck and shoulder pain regardless of what your sleeping position might be. It might likewise be an advantage to those with sleeping issues, as there is less tossing and turning which prompts sound, tranquil rest.

Their extravagance cervical firm pillow gives more noteworthy resistance under the heaviest parts of the head, and similarly underpins the lighter, more touchy neck region. It permits your muscles to loosen up appropriately offering normal spinal support to your body, adjusting to your special shape while promoting a profound soothing rest.

The higher and lower contours of the pillow give you the alternative of finding your ideal degree of help. These pillows are perfect for side and back sleepers and offer orthopedic help for your shoulders and neck so you wake up feeling revived, energized and prepared to take on the day.

The exceptional memory foam material supports your head, neck, and shoulders to give continued pressure relief all through your body as you rest. Cooling gel is injected all through the pillow to help in giving a comfortable rest condition.

This pillow has a polyester cover that is cool and makes it a comfortable pillow for dozing and it’s removable and machine-launderable. It holds its shape so it won’t go flat like conventional pillows and it is additionally typically squeak-free.

BAIFROS Memory Foam Pillow


  • Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable Foam
  • Premium Fabric

This best contour pillow for side sleepers gives therapeutic alleviation to all sleepers and neck pain, you will wake up feeling completely energized and prepared to take the day. Its premium fabric is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all through the night.

With its proven contour design which perfectly bolsters and adjusts your head, neck, shoulder and back. You will fall asleep quicker and more profound. You may likely experience some inconvenience during the initial fourteen days while your body is attempting to acclimate to the right position. Attempt it for another level of comfort whether you are back sleeper, stomach sleeper or side sleeper.

Breathable memory foam gives better air circulation to keep you cool and dry. This hypoallergenic rayon/polyester proprietary blend pillow case feels silky soft.

Wonwo Memory Foam Pillow


  • CertiPUR-US
  • Washable Cover
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Memory Foam Pillow
  • Premium Material

In order to have a wonderful sleep at night, it is imperative to select a pillow that suits you. A fitting pillow, one that comes with the right height and shape, will adjust to the contours of your neck, is serenely soft and gives extraordinary support. Wonwo various styles of pillows can address various needs of customers. Wonwo pillows are all around designed using the best materials, fabricated with incredible consideration, thoroughly tested, to guarantee you of your greatest night’s sleep night after night.

This best contour pillow for side sleepers supports your neck, back and shoulders due to different heights in the front and back. In the event that you sleep on your side use the higher side. If you sleep on your back, we suggest the lower side.

The pillow’s exceptional shape follows the contours of your head and neck giving great support to your neck, shoulders and back. The ergonomic structure promotes muscle relaxation, diminishes neck, shoulders and back pain, and reduces shoulder firmness.

This pillow never gets hard during cold weather. Gives you a decent resting atmosphere, since air can circulate and moisture dissipates through little openings in the core of the memory foam. The 3-5 second moderate rebound high density memory foam keeps the shape and long-haul use of the pillow. Contains no harmful ingredients, for example, formaldehyde, methane chloride or PBDE.

You will get a long-lasting comfort because of the two layer covers that secure the bed pillow well. The dust-proof and hypoallergenic venting inner cover extends the life of the memory foam core all the more adequately. The external cover can be machine-washed.

Mugetu Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow


  • Breathable Cover
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • Removable Cover
  • Ventilated and Gel infused
  • Height Adjustable Pillow

Imbued with temperature regulating gel, which help keep the pillow cool, consistent and firm, the pillow can be molded or re-shaped for extra comfort.

This memory foam pillow takes care of you all night long. The thickness and responsiveness of the pillow permit your head and neck to be contoured to the pillow while you rest. You will remain comfortable in light of the fact that the pillow adjusts with your individual shape, which permits your shoulders, neck and head to rest in a natural position. At the point when you wake up the pillow ought to regain its unique shape. Never Distorted!

The best material was selected for this pillowcase, which made it softer and more solid. The removable zip-off machine washable cover guarantees a new and clean sleep experience night after night.

OCESOPH Memory Foam Pillow


  • Premium Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Zip Cover
  • CertiPUR-US
  • Bamboo Fabric Cover 
  • Highly Breathable

This OCESOPH memory foam pillow cradles to your body shape in response to heat and pressure, bounce back gradually and conveys body weight equally; medium-to-delicate firmness feel, guarantee unrivalled resting comfort.

the bed pillow advances natural traction for the neck and smooth breathing, improving the nature of the rest; it successfully underpins your head, neck, shoulder and upper back, mitigates pain and pressure and advances spinal alignment.

This best contour pillow for side sleepers with its breathable knitted fabric outer cover has a concealed zipper, which shields the skin from scratches; hand wash (max. water temperature 104°F/40°C).

the middle cavity truly supports your head, and the cervical contour assists with keeping up the normal curve of your neck.

VECELO Memory Foam Contour Pillow


  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Breathable
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • 60% Polyester
  • 40% Bamboo
  • Memory Pillow

This memory foam pillow advances natural traction for the neck and smooth breathing, improving the nature of the rest. It adequately supports your head, neck, shoulder and upper back, reliefs you of pain and pressure and advances spinal alignment.

Their superior memory foam adjusts and conforms to your unique shape and supports your head and neck, and the ventilated plan expands air circulation while it makes you feel good throughout the night, have an entire night sleep.

All materials used in making this pillow are chemical-free for better wellbeing. It would be ideal if for you to be absolutely relaxed when using this sleeping pillow since the material is safe.

Zippered removable and launderable cover, makes washing easy. Please be careful that pillow core cannot be washed.

Power of Nature Memory Foam Contour Pillow


  • Washable Zippered Soft Cover
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Premium Memory Foam
  • Breathable Outer and Inner Cover
  • Breathable Cover

Feeling refreshed and energized is necessary to being your best self – for your family, your work your life. PON’S pillows are made for sound restful sleep that you’ve consistently longed for.

This contour memory foam pillow is very much designed by the exceptional shape of the human body, which wonderfully fits the curve of the head and neck, gives the natural spine support to your body and completely lightens up your muscles thus, you will fall asleep quicker and sound.

This best contour pillow for side sleepers are made of top-notch memory foam material which supports and shape to the cervical contour of your head, neck and shoulders to guarantee a superior rest. Arrives in a hypoallergenic pillow case, delicate and smooth, highly breathable. Completely removable and machine Launderable for simple cleaning care.

Safe to use, sound for all, and its dust and bed bugs free. There is nothing harmful about the pillow. If you experience an odour which is a “New Foam” odour, it isn’t unhealthy. The odour ought to disseminate within a few hours when unpacked and aired out.

The outer cover is breathable for air circulation, giving you a cool and sound sleeping home. The dust-proof inner cover expands the life of the memory foam core all the more adequately. You will definitely get a dependable dozing comfort because of the two-layer covers.

Bedsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow


  • Washable Zippered Cover
  • Gel-Infused
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Memory Foam
  • Height Adjustment
  • Air Flow

Have you ever dreamed of laying your head on a soft, cushiony cloud! Bedsure Memory foam Pillow stands apart of most pillows (a latex one that is excessively firm and very heavy, or down pillow and a polyester fill that are both excessively flat). The mix of gel-infused innovation (doesn’t imply that this cervical pillow utilizes any toxic compounds like formaldehyde, PBDE or methane chloride) and contour wave design make for an incredible shuteye.

Bedsure Memory foam Pillow has an ergonomic structure which is designed like two rising waves on upper surface for cloud-like sleeping comfort – Two unique heights of (5″/4″) are shaped to the curve of your neck to help forestall stiffness – 2-in-1 bed pillows give you an option between heights at which your neck is set for the correct support.

Produced using 100% memory foam that “recollects” the curve of your neck and adjusts to your shape, this cervical pillow is delicate yet not all that soft that your head sinks down to the bed – High density memory foam appropriately adjusts your spine while sleeping (reasonable for side and back sleepers) – ideal height (not very high or low) helps ease neck pain.

This contour pillow arrives in 2-layer covers (incorporates 1 inner cotton cover in addition to 1 microfiber outer cover) that are exceptionally fit for a full and profound night sleep – Its removable outer cover can be zipped off and washed, while the bed pillow itself isn’t – Air mesh on the two sides gives air circulation throughout the night keeping you feel better.

Gel memory foam pillow limits heat build-up to assist you with dozing better – Structured with the ideal harmony among firmness and comfort that bolsters the neck with zero weight on the head.

AM AEROMAX Contour Memory Foam Pillow


  • Washable Pillowcase
  • Contour Design
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ventilated Design
  • Soft Pillowcase
  • High-Density Memory Foam

This best contour pillow for side sleepers is designed for different sleep positions like side sleep, supine sleep and back sleep since its curve fit supports your head, neck and shoulder correctly.

The core of the pillow is made up of 120 breathable honeycomb openings, which can augment the air circulation and make your sleep cool and comfortable.

Both external and internal pillowcases are skin-friendly and forestall damage to the pillow core. Besides, the high-quality zipper doesn’t slip significantly even after repeated use.

The Winner 2020* Patented Contour Pillow


  • CoolGel®
  • CertiPUR Certified
  • Heat Responsive
  • High Density Memory Foam
  • Soft Washable Cover
  • Doctor Design
  • Comfort Contours

Poor back and strain neck make it difficult to have a decent night’s rest, and awakening tired with low energy can spoil the remainder of your day. Did you realize this problem would all be able to be solved using the right pillow?

This patented Supportiback orthopedic gel pillow is an easy way to improve your back health and realign your spine.

This contour pillow for side sleepers was designed by leading orthopedic specialists, their orthopedic gel pillow aids you in relieving back and neck pain for good. The top-notch density memory foam coupled with the doctor-designed shape edges give the ideal support, ensuring your neck and spine are in the right position.

They realize memory foam pillows retain heat and make you sweat. That is the reason they designed their orthopedic neck pillow with heat-dissipating gel technology and a breathable cover in order to help wick away your body heat and keep your head and neck dry and comfortable – throughout the night.

You don’t have to be worried about fluffing, turning and bunching. This pillow is produced using pressure-sensitive memory foam, so it embraces the curves of your neck for custom help.

Villsure Contour Memory Foam Pillow


  • Ergonomic Design
  • High Density Memory Foam
  • 3D Breathable Pillowcase
  • Soft Cotton Surface

Villsure Memory foam Pillow ushers in a new age of modern pillows. This innovative ergonomic contour design is ideal for side and back sleepers. The aim of this pillow maker is to improve your sleeping quality by developing this comfortable memory foam contour pillow.

Memory foam is a creative material intended to shape itself to the natural contours of your head while you rest and also mould again into shape when weight is released considering less tossing and turning for the duration of the night. people will in general love memory foam for its warm, lavish properties that make a ‘hugging’ feel.

Villsure best contour pillow for side sleepers is made of high-density memory foam that maintains the pillow shape for long haul use. The foam has an open-cell strong structure that matches pressure against it. Higher-density memory foam tends to soften in response to body heat, permitting it to mold to a warm body in almost no time. However gradually springs back to its unique shape when you get up.

Hanging in anyplace will make muscles to be unable to relax and consistently be in a condition of tension. The longer you spend sleeping in the bed, the more excruciating the cervical spine. In any case, the Villsure orthopedic pillow is ergonomically intended to firmly fit the curve of the neck and shoulders when you are sleeping. The ergonomic rest pillow can accomplish legitimate spine alignment and decrease the pressure on the back, shoulders and neck, and calm neck and shoulder pain.

Milemont Memory Foam Pillows


  • Ergonomic Support
  • Slow-rebound Memory Foam
  • Good Breathability
  • 100% High Quality Memory
  • Smooth Zipper

The ability for memory foam to hold its shape and maintain support makes it great for side sleepers, back sleepers, and even some stomach sleepers. It offers agreeable support for your head, shoulders, and neck, and presents to you a decent night’s rest.

This cervical pillow acts as a support for your neck, permitting you to sleep serenely and pain free during the night. This memory foam pillow is the Ideal support for your head and neck, bring you a high-quality sleep.

Contoured memory foam pillow can successfully calm the pressure on your strength and back, it also eliminates the fatigue you experience on your back, and keep you in a comfortable sleeping position.

This pillow rebounds in 3 seconds, offers medium firmness, and alleviates your head stress. Utilized by higher thickness memory foam to maintain its sturdiness and shape.

They used premium memory foam with higher thickness and opening, which guarantee phenomenal ventilation inside and simultaneously offer great support. The breathable cover additionally adds to better breathability.

Snuggle-Pedic Trillow Orthopedic Contour Pillow


  • Hypoallergenic Bamboo Cover
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Made In The USA
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 120-Day Sleep Trial

This best contour pillow for side sleepers makers truly want to ensure you love your pillow and that you have the certainty that it will last for a very long time. To the point, they just use very top notch, resilient and extra thick foams that will keep the best possible support throughout the years.

Presenting the Trillow, the one and only 3-in-1 pillow that can give you an inconceivable ability to pick the custom size and state of your pillow to appropriately support your neck’s C-curvature. At no other time has any pillow had the versatility of flexibility of the Trillow memory foam pillow. The Trillow is remarkable because of its removable outer shell with two pillows inside the first pillow!

This Ultra-Lavish Kool-Flow(tm) Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover, together with their gel-infused memory foam that is cooler to the touch and more breathable than other comparable sorts of gel-infused foams.

This 3 in 1 Chiropractic design pillow permits you to not just select the more slender or thicker side contour shape, which is flawless to give orthopedic support for the cervical lordotic curve of your neck, yet you can likewise remove the outer layer in the event that you require to a lesser extent of a curvature or elevation. This pillow is also designed in such a way that Side sleepers can even use the flat side if they don’t like the contour sensation!

ZG-Home Memory Foam Pillow


  • Hypoallergenic Pillowcase
  • Memory Foam
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Orthopedic Support
  • Velvet Pillow Cover

The ZG-Home memory foam pillow is an interesting contour pillow. Structured explicitly to diminish pain and boost comfort. Their products respond to the state of your body and your needs.

The therapeutic structure of this contour pillow for side sleepers adjusts to your neck, head and shoulders in order to offer the improved support and delicate alignment you need, in addition to the comfort you require.

The pillow has an ergonomic design that conforms to the natural curve of your body and supports your head and neck. Lessens neck and back pain, eases shoulder stiffness, advances right spine alignment, and enables your muscles to relax.

This pillow is best suited for back, side and stomach sleepers. With its Delicate and slow rebound this memory foam contour pillow relieves snoring and orthopaedic pain and guarantee to give you the superior comfort you’ll ever want. ZG-Home cervical support pillow is perfect for the elderly, office workers, students, snorers, and those with sleep disorders.

Produced using upgrade memory foam and thereby ensuring the pillow can stay consistently firm and comfortably soft all year. ZG-Home Cervical Pillow is odour free, and contain no formaldehyde, no mercury, lead or heavy metals of some sorts, giving you a safe and sound sleeping night.

The best contour pillow for side sleeper’s memory foam cover is made of soft velvet, it is fully removable and machine washable. More convenient for your sound wellbeing and simple life.

Misiki Memory Foam Piilow


  • Ergonomic Design
  • 100% Polyurethane
  • 60% Polyester Fiber 
  • 40% Staple Rayon
  • Removable Pillowcase
  • Skin-Friendly Fabric

This pillow is made of great memory foam with moderate hardness to guarantee an agreeable support while dozing, limiting the neck pain and shoulder firmness. The memory foam with a temperature detecting capacity that makes the pillow fit your neck impeccably.

This butterfly-shaped pillow is structured with cervical contour and focal cavity to keep the neck bent normally, appropriately support the neck and head, encourage alignment of the head with the body and spine. The wedge expansion part assists with supporting the thoracic. Unique armrests of orthopedic pillows support the arms.

Butterfly-shaped pillows are tailored for back sleeping and side sleeping. At the point when you rest on your back, the natural traction of the neck and head backing can decrease the weight on the back skull, diminish snoring and improve rest quality. Whenever you’re sleeping on your side, if you don’t mind sleep on the wing on one side, ensure the incision under the wing accommodates your shoulder curves, just make sure to release the shoulder weight, and spot the arm on the armrests to decrease numbness.

This butterfly shaped pillow gear with a separable pillowcase, made of 100% polyester texture, neighbourly material, strong and tough, simple to clean and keep hygiene.

Contour Pillow Versus Customary Pillow

The contrast between a contour pillow and a customary pillow is that the contour pillow will remain indented to coordinate your shape precisely. An ordinary pillow will have a dent in it when you incline toward it, however the Contour pillow is more precise and characterizes your structure down to each and every exact curve. It remains as such a short time later, and that is the thing that makes it above ordinary and attractive. Different sorts of contour pillows are as of now intended to have a shape that perfectly matches a human contour as well.

By keeping your regular shape, a contour pillow can precisely be utilized to assist you with keeping up your unique natural posture and body shape. A customary pillow doesn’t appropriate the weight equally enough, nor will it keep it there. It might be more agreeable, but since a customary pillow doesn’t hold your shape, it isn’t sufficiently firm to keep up good posture. Contour pillows furnish your body with support and comfort simultaneously.

Why Does One Need a Contour Pillow?

There are numerous reasons with respect to why the best Contour pillow for side sleepers might be required.

Adaptability – When dozing or sitting, one needs comfort, back or body backing, or help with discomfort, which are altogether characteristics that can be applied to a contour pillow.

Relief from discomfort – You will require a Contour pillow on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of any painful medical back condition that necessities back support. This includes yet isn’t restricted to Lower back pain, Sciatica, Radiculopathy, Lumbar disk disease, Cervical disc rupture, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative disk disease, Joint pain of the spine, and a whole lot more.

Other Advantages – Other conditions were having a Contour pillow is basic would be during nonstop travel or persistently sitting in an office seat. Being in an office seat constantly or sitting in a vehicle seat can prompt back pains, particularly lower back pain or pain in the lumbar area of the back. A Contour pillow would have the option to offer support to anybody perfectly in a seat.

Pregnancy – The last where a full-body Contour pillow could be valuable is when pregnant. Hauling an additional couple of kilograms of water around (your child) can prompt cramps, aches, and pains. All moms can definitely profit by contour pillow support and comfort.

Contour Pillow For Side Sleepers Buyers Guide

Your sleep comfort is profoundly impacted by sleep posture, and if you are routinely hindered by your own movement as the night progressed, or wake with a stiff neck, headache, or other aches and pains related with your back-you may require better spinal support. Your cervical spine alignment is exceptionally powerful to your general wellbeing, and battling to discover comfort might be an indicator that you need better head and neck support.

best contour pillow for side sleepers

The Bed of Dozes review team has personally reviewed the entirety of the following best contour pillows for side sleepers as the absolute highest rated in the current sleep industry. These contour pillows offer support for your neck and spine, and can be very useful in mitigating pain related with poor posture, as well as other ailments.

Head and Neck Alignment

At the point when you sleep your head and neck ought to be in alignment with the remainder of your spine. This helps bolster your central nervous system, and impacts a superior night’s sleep. This is profoundly influential to your wellbeing, and takes into consideration genuine soft tissue relaxation. Legitimate support lends itself to an increase in blood flow and a great night for sleep cyclepage.

Sleep Position and Pillow Comfort

Our sleep position is a personal to us, and is the thing that you fall into naturally every night. In spite of the fact that you might have the option to impact your body position fairly, you should buy a pillow dependent on what you know is generally comfortable for you to guarantee a genuine relaxation. Pillows can help hold your head in a place that gives comfort to your body, and permits you to sleep uninterrupted.

Back Sleep Position Needs

Pillows that are thin, responsive are expected to hold the head in alignment, and furthermore accommodate enough neck support.

best contour pillow for side sleepers

Stomach Sleep Position Needs

Pillows that are thin, delicate, and responsive are needed to help keep the head as low as conceivable to all the more likely support the spine, and keep stress off the lower back.

best contour pillow for side sleepers

Side Sleep Position Needs

More prominent, firm pillows ought to take into account the head to be held between the shoulders, and furthermore take into account enough filling to fill the gap between the head and shoulders for neck support.

best contour pillow for side sleepers

What is a Contoured Pillow For Side Sleepers?

best contour pillow for side sleepers.

The contoured pillow for side sleepers may likewise be known as an orthopedic pillow or cervical pillow, and characterizes a design that is explicitly supportive of the body. These pillows permit the body to rest in a natural position all while supporting the delicate tissues of the neck and back, and helping the head to remain in alignment with rest of the spine.

Frequently contoured pillows are produced using foams that hold their shape to give higher and lower regions for spots to rest your head and neck upon. Be that as it may, some may likewise use a gentler material, with a more specialized construction for support, and yet others have explicit shape or even adjustable capabilities to all the more likely address your needs.

For what reason Would I Need a Contoured Pillow For Side Sleepers?

As referenced, contoured pillows are intended to better support your cervical spine.

best contour pillow for side sleepers

They can offer help in an anxious sleep by providing the best possible comfort to your rest, and hold your head and neck in such a way to ensure an alleviation in snoring, headaches, and neck and upper back discomfort. They likewise function admirably related to chiropractic treatments, or other help you might be getting from a professional; they are regularly recommended as an approach to help support overall body health of you are being treated for rest ailments.

They maintain their shape, and you don’t need to stress over shaping the pillow for comfort, or moving pillow structure as the night progressed. They likewise help reduce pressure points to take into consideration a really comfortable experience.

What Kinds of Filling is Utilized Inside Contour pillows For Side Sleepers?

best contour pillow for side sleepers

As referenced above, foams are well-known fill decisions in contour pillows because of their capacity to hold their shape and offer contouring properties. Memory foam, latex foam, and polyurethane foams are for the most part regularly found inside these kinds of pillows are strong core establishments, For the most part they have a lower, milder center, with heights of various factors along the length of the pillow in order to give neck support.

These foams may likewise be found as a destroyed help, or destroyed mix, with the form molding more explicit to the general structure and development pillow. Commonly these sorts of pillows are customizable to all the more likely fit explicit need-and a more extensive assortment of individuals.

What to Consider When Choosing a Contour Pillow For Side Sleepers

Clearly there is nothing of the sort as a one size fits all pillow, and body size, shape, weight, stature, and individual inclinations are for the most part of what you have to consider while assessing any pillow before buying.

What is your sleep position?

Clearly, your sleep position is profoundly powerful to a Contour pillow. Most, however not all contour pillows are centred around back or side sleepers, while stomach sleepers have very few available that they can access. For the fact that orthopedic pillow shapes are specifically designed for body types and needs, make certain to company recommendations cautiously.

Do you rest or sleep warm?

Strong foam tends to hold and absorb heat, and in this may lead to a serious problem if you are the type that sleep warm. Fortunately, there are numerous pillows that incorporate specific technological advancement to address cooling properties and airflow. If you have been struggling with heat, make certain to search for reviews relating to the temperature of the best contour pillow for side sleepers.

Do you wake with aches and pains?

If you are searching for a pillow because of inconvenience, then it shows that you already know what isn’t working for you. Make certain to consider pillows that have unique qualities in comparison to what you as of now have. Likewise know it can take around 30 days to really acclimate to, and become used to the vibe of your newly purchased pillow.

Do you snore or suffer from headaches?

Poor cervical support and the resulting discomfort and poor blood flow can lead to snoring, headaches, and migraines. Cervical pillows are made explicitly to address bad posture, and these are most likely well worth considering to help mitigate these symptoms.

Best Contour Pillow For Side Sleepers: FAQs

Are contour pillows good?

Contour pillows offer extraordinary support to your cervical spine so you can get a decent night’s rest and wake up with less stiffness. Curved explicitly to hold your head and neck in alignment with the spine, they enhance blood flow and as a result releases pressure point. Contingent on the pillow you select, they can be made with foam or a gentler material and have differing degrees of adjustment and specialized construction. Regularly known as orthopedic or cervical pillows, they function admirably with any chiropractic treatments you might be getting to combat sleep ailments. Contour pillows can likewise help in reducing snoring, headache, and stress in the upper back or neck region.

Do contour pillows work?

If you’re suffering from discomfort on account of stress or pain, shoulder, head, or back, Contour pillows may function admirably for easing the tension and lightening your ailment. The pillow has a curvature shape which offers extra support to the neck and accomplishes spinal alignment. Consider the Villsure Memory foam Pillow that is perfect for all rest positions because of its one-of-a-kind size and shape. This pillow offers delicate comfort and great neck support. While it might not be easy for you to adjust to this pillow, it will be worth the patience.

Are contour pillows good for side sleepers?

A more prominent Contour pillow is a decent option for side sleepers. When it comes to filling the gap between your head and shoulders, the best Contour pillow for side sleepers offers additional support to your neck and assumes responsibility for the pressure that would have in any case fallen on the shoulders. Simultaneously, the space of the pillow guarantees your head and neck stay in alignment with the spine. Consider the Hokeki Cervical luxury Pillow that is designed particularly for side sleepers. Manufactured with strong memory foam, this high-density pillow offers neck support and cervical alignment for different body sizes. The pillow additionally comes fixed with a cooling gel for temperature regulation.


Every one of the pillows mentioned above offer varying degrees of sleep comfort and support to your rest. In the event that you experience the ill effects of comfort issues associated with head, back, or neck pain, then any of the above may be able to give some genuinely necessary relief. Despite the fact that we have generally tested and suggested practically almost all that have been reviewed, each has its own characteristics that fits an uninterrupted sleep. Your own body type, inclinations, and rest position will better help you with figuring out which pillow may work best for you, yet our personal favourite was the was the Milemont Memory Foam Pillows as it very well may be used for all sleep positions and shaped for better support.

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The mattress you sleep on can greatly impact your ability to get a good night's sleep, yet its importance is often overlooked. Sarah Jones is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, health and wellness, practitioner and a sleep product expert. She is the founder of Bed of Dozes, a product review blog that sets out to help people make the mattress buying experience simple, stress-free, and maybe even a little fun and also provide sleep education, so they can make an informed decision when shopping a mattress, pillows, or other sleep aids. Sarah Jones presents straight forward, unbiased reviews that not only highlight the effective features but that also reveal the drawbacks.

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