Best Mattress For 3 Year Old (2020) – Best Guide & Review

The best mattress for 3-year-old isn’t a similar thing as the best mattress for a grown-up. There are numerous things you need to put into consideration in picking the best mattress that corresponds with the necessities of children.

A terrible bed can cause suffocation. In addition, there are unhealthy mattresses that contain hurtful chemicals. Those synthetic substances may cause off-gassing. You wouldn’t need your 3-year-old to breathe in harmful toxic fumes from the mattress each and every night.

Here are the most significant components you should give top need to when you are searching for the best mattress for 3-year-old.

The Best Mattress for 3-Year Old: The Best Choices

We’ve sorted out broad consumer reviews just as our own research to make the accompanying recommendations for the best mattresses for 3-year-old. The beds recorded beneath give at least 2 or more of the highlights that we prescribe as top needs when looking for a new bedding for your 3-year old. As usual, remember that the best bedding will at last rely upon a sleeper’s individual needs.


Casper Sleep








Classic Brands


Signature Sleep

What makes them great alternatives? They have made a strong name in the business of mattress, first of all. They make quality beds in different sizes and with different advantages. Customers who have invested energy researching and sleeping on these mattresses from these organizations have a ton of beneficial comments about them.

Top Mattress Reviews for 3 Year Old

Casper Sleep – Best Overall Value

Four times stronger than the industry average and one of the finest and longest fibers in the world.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

From the producers of Casper comes a streamlined, section level mattress that has been designed for the highest worth. Its three-layer all-foam development can minimize the expansion of force points on enlarging bodies without allowing them to overheat.

What makes it special? Prior to planning their sheets, they discovered that a higher thread count doesn’t mean better quality, you can’t compromise with regards to cotton, and the correct weave improves things greatly. Rather than fixating on the quantity of threads, they placed more focus on finding the correct thread count for their particular cotton and weave decisions.

A high thread count sounds outlandish, they noticed however that more threads can really make sheets heavier and less breathable. at the end they arrived at 400 two-ply threads — an unobtrusive number that has a major effect. they picked a lightweight percale weave since it has shown to last more and inhale better to some other.

Find out more about the Casper model here.

Nectar – Exceptional Value

Nectar molds to your body, relieving all your aches and pains. It is firm enough to support you, but soft enough to be gentle where you’re sensitive.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 180-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

The Nectar is a full mattress with two pillows gel memory foam mattress that has gained popularity for exceptional cooling comfort. it is measured as a 6 of 10 on the solidness scale and is incredible for everybody irrespective of your sleeping positions.

Regardless of whether you are back, side or front sleeper, Nectar mattress molds to your body, offering extreme support to your body when you lay on the mattress. it has two layers of gel memory foam which aids with coursing air, spread weight and contour to your body during sleep. It is sufficiently firm to support you, however delicate enough to be gentle where you’re your body is sensitive. Indeed, even on those 90° evenings, Nectar mattress sleeps cool, tenderly controlling heat for a perfect temperature throughout the night.

What makes it special? What’s more, with each bedding you buy, you additionally get two free Nectar Premium Pillows. the pillows are stored inside the mattress packaging.

Nectar mattress has the longest warranty in the bedding industry and it also offers 180 days risk free night trial which is nearly nearly 3 months longer than the industry standard.

This mattress boasts of Tencel long staple fibre removable cooling and soothing cover, which comes with medical grade visco elastic memory foam coupled with a high vegetable base super core 5 Ib support and high core 9.2 grade transition foam. You can count on this mattress when shopping for the best mattress for 3-year-old.

For additional information, you can read more about the Nectar model here

Zinus Green Tea – Best Value

The Gel-infused Memory Foam and Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam provide support by conforming to the natural shape of your body.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

The Zinus Green Tea-a 12-inch Memory foam bed, additionally alluded to as their pressure relief mattress, that allots a 6 of 10 on the firmness scale. It is an incredible bed for mix sleep positions.

Appreciate the cool comfort and backing of Gel-implanted Green Tea memory foam for a superior night’s sleep. The mattress is made of Gel-implanted memory foam and pressure Alleviating comfort Foam which offers help by fitting in with the normal state of your body. It also has a High-thickness support Foam layer that gives dependable sturdiness and soundness. This bedding is perfect for a wide range of sleepers and offers rich help.

What makes it unique? This is a quality bed at a truly sensible cost. It doesn’t come furnished with all the fancy odds and ends of a portion of the extravagance brands as you would expect, yet it offers affirmed foam with an additional smell control highlight.

Exactly as expected for a foam bedding, the movement isolation here is fantastic. on the condition that your kid is a restless sleeper, chances are they will sleep adequately on this memory foam.

This mattres exceeds expectations right now, and this memory foam, in spite of its lower price point, doesn’t baffle. The comfort level, at least for a short period, ought to satisfy your children. based on my extensive research i recommend you try this mattress whenever you are out shopping for the best mattress for 3-year-old.

Rivet Queen Mattress– Popular on Amazon

3-layer design with Celliant technology is instantly responsive so you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and recover more deeply.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Experience profound, therapeutic sleep at night with the Rivet mattress. This bed is made up of 3-layer plan with Celliant innovation which makes it right away responsive so you nod off quicker, stay asleep longer, and recuperate all the more deeply.

This memory foam was engineered to expands oxygen delivery to your cells for better recuperation, improves temperature regulation for progressively comfortable nights and consequently giving all the more supporting sleep which prompts more stamina and vitality throughout the day.

What is its best feature? This mattress has a fabric cover that is woven with celliant, a mineral combination proven to enhance your overnight recovery so that whenever you woke up from the mattress you will be feeling recharged with energy all day long.

Need to learn more? Read the review.

BedStory – Luxury Mattress

Gel-infused memory foam integrates much better with the human body, which gives your shoulder, back and hips good cushioning support.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 10 Year-Warranty
  • Made in Canada

Presented with cutting edge innovation, excellent plan, premium material, and strict quality control, this company generally endeavours to give their clients lavish comfort in order to assist them to sleep better. For online clients, they offer quick conveyance right to the entryway from the local distribution center.

The company affix much importance to their client experience and it is their noteworthy objective to meet the ever-changing requirements of clients.

What is its best feature? This Hybrid bed has a gel imbued memory foam which incorporates much better with the human body, which gives your shoulder, back and hips great padding support. The implanted gel beads foam is designed with an open cell which disseminates the heating and adjusts the mattress temperature automatically.

BedStory hybrid mattress is constructed with 480 high-quality carbon steel coils anti-rust & anti-deformation. Every coil is wrapped alone, so they move independently. which means you won’t be disturbed when your companion turns over or gets up. Outer 2 rows designed with high hardness springs which can avoid mattress collapsing and let the mattress use much longer time than others.

Double layers of premium density convoluted foam add the ventilation of the mattress, which can make your bed more breathable and also let the mattress stay away from moisture. The wave foam also lets the mattress medium soft. Between the wave foam and coil springs, we add 1inch high-density support foam, which adds the softness and comfort, you will not feel the coils when sleeping.

Read more: Our full Bedstory analysis

Dreamfoam Bedding – Maximum Comfort

The plush memory foam contours to your body, eliminating pressure points.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Offered in a universal medium comfort level, the Arctic Dreams is constructed with a .75” ultra-soft quilted top for plush, breathable comfort. The top is designed to resist body impressions over time.

A patented 2” layer of Energex foam bridges the gap between latex and visco-memory foam, combining all the responsiveness of latex with the pressure point relief of memory foam.

A surface gel cooling infusion delivers a more comfortable night’s sleep while a 7.5” high-density core contributes to durability and longevity.

What makes it unique? This mattress is made with a gel mixed foam which gives them a medium solidness level for astounding support. The quick reaction top foam layer forms to your body, supporting it to help ease pressure focuses while you are sleeping. Its highly open, cool and responsive polymer structure is designed to offer a superior alternative to latex or springs while providing the outstanding pressure point relief properties that you will find in visco.

In the event that you think this one is beneficial for you yet you have to find out about the development, you can read more here.

Vibe 12-Inch Mattress – Bed in a Box

Gel-infused memory foam keeps you cool during sleep and body-contouring memory foam reduces pressure points and properly aligns the spine.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

The Vibe 12-inch Gel Memory foam Bedding mixes two leading rest innovations at an inconceivable worth. Gel-implanted memory foam keeps you cool during rest and body-molding memory foam decreases pressure focuses and appropriately adjusts the spine.

Gel draws heat away from the body and makes a cooler rest surface and helps in forestalling unreasonable tossing and turning so you can get an increasingly tranquil night’s rest. The vibe of this gel memory foam sleeping mattress is somewhat plusher than a conventional firm bedding.

What is its best feature? Why Pick the Vibe mattress when you are out shopping for the best mattress for 3-year old? This mattress contains gel memory foam which underpins all aspects of the body uniformly and independently. Gel memory foam consequently adjusts with your body’s weight and temperature. Notwithstanding the moderate, accommodating response, Vibe mattress offers total, sumptuous, and calm support. This can lessen pressure points and permit the spine to remain appropriately adjusted in an impartial position.

At the point when you move in bed, memory foam tenderly ‘fills in’ and reshapes itself to your new sleeping stance and limits movement disturbance and moves between couples. Great mornings, positive sentiments, great occasions, great Vibe. Advantages of Gel Memory Foam The most recent innovation in gel memory foam sleeping mattress, this bedding is adjusting, agreeable, and comes complete.

A blend of 2 inches of gel memory foam coupled with 3 inches of gel comfort foam gives a definitive in breathability and heat dislodging while 7 inches of high-thickness base foam underneath offers greatest help, pressure point alleviation, and genuine spinal arrangement. This encompassed by a lavish stretch knit spread, you may never need to leave your bed. Low cost Quality Answer for Good Sleep.

The Vibe Bedding is an affordable mattress for progressively costly branded memory foam beds and is a great option without compromising quality, comfort, or support. Hit the nail on the head the First Time It is likewise a smart thought to know the size and the height of your mattress early to ensure you are requesting the right size.

Read more: Our full Vibe mattress analysis

Classic Brands – Best Quality

Features a lush firm support without the common aches and pain of a conventional mattress.


  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Gel memory foam mattress is designed in such a way that it draws heat away and gives room breathability while high-thickness memory foam fits in with your body offering support, pressure point alleviation, and genuine spinal arrangement for an extraordinary night’s rest. This mattress is Ideal for children’s rooms, quarters, and even visitor rooms. This bed is an incredible incentive for any room in the house.

Why did we pick it? Beautifully detailed all-around cover with four way stretch works with the memory foam to optimize its conforming properties.

Gel foam draws heat away from the body, keeping you cool while the base foam provides comfort and support for a refreshing Night’s sleep.

High-quality CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and pressure relieving Gel Memory Foam are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, Mold, bacteria, and dust mites.

Need a bed for 3-year old but you need to see more details? Read our full review to find out everything before purchasing.

Signature Sleep Memoir – Unbridled Durability

The Memoir Mattress Collection will provide lasting comfort, with a dense foam core that ensure years of unbridled durability.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in Canada

The Memoir 12 by Signature Sleep is a memory foam sleeping cushion that incorporates the solace of flexible foam, limits pressure on the body, and offers adjusted support. In minutes it makes a superbly customized and adjusted structure around the body.

The Memoir 12 sleeping cushion will bolster body weight equally, mitigate pressure concentrated on the shoulders, hips, and feet, and kill motion disturbance. The outcome is an extraordinary and uncommon dozing experience.

The Memoir Sleeping Pad Assortment will give enduring solace, with a thick foam center that guarantee long periods of unbridled sturdiness. For your benefit and much more cost savings.

What makes it unique? One 4″ layer of Memory Foam on top followed by a 8″ layer of high density foam, the Memory Foam molds to the body’s natural shape.

Foam in this mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead and heavy metals. Foam is low in VOC emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 PPM). Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Safety Product Commission.

Ideal as a bunk bed mattress, daybed mattress and trundle mattress. If the mattress becomes soiled, spot clean it with a mild detergent and damp cloth.

if you think this mattress is good for you but you need to know more about the construction, you can read more here.

Mattress Considerations for 3 Year Old

There are 3 main things that you’re going to need to consider when deciding which is the best mattress for 3-year-old.

Best Mattress Size for 3 Year Old

Regardless of whether they’ve shot up, grown up sideways, or out of nowhere built up a ton of muscle, odds are their old childhood bed simply isn’t large enough for them any longer.

From a financial point of view, you’ve presumably as of now worked out that it’s ideal to get a Twin. Be that as it may, what’s best for your wallet, lamentably, probably won’t be best for your 3-year-old, particularly when their feet are hanging off the bottom end of their mattress every night!

On condition that your children have grown tall with no sign of easing back down at any point in the near future, you might be best off taking a gander at bigger beds possibly a Queen. Truly, it will cost more cash in advance, yet it tends to be a hell of much less expensive than replacing a bed after future growth spurts.

Sleeping Position

Right from the onset in life, we come to realize which sleeping position works best for us as individuals. In this way, to settle on the best decision you’ll have to discover a bed that aids and would work best for your sleeping position, even as kids.

A standard position is one we have gotten used to since birth, the fetal position. A bed should be strong, yet comfortable, for this position. if the mattress becomes Excessively soft you may end up moving onto your front. If it gets too firm, and pressure points proliferate.

Back sleepers – This is the last position. You can pick either firm or delicate relying upon your own inclination. Everything boils down to how a lot of lumbar position is agreeable to get the greatest night’s rest. Make a point to check our prescribed mattress for back sleepers if your kids sleep in that position almost all the time.

Stomach sleepers – Resting on your front additionally requires sensible firmness to guarantee that you don’t get woken up at night due to sinking into the bedding and feeling just as you may suffocate. Picking a firmer mattress is regularly better here.

You need a mattress that stops your spine bending a lot as that can cause lower back torment, yet in addition one that stops you sinking in a lot at the chest. This can squeeze the lungs and make it hard to keep your head faced to the side.

Side sleepers you can evaluate a memory foam type or others that are depicted as delicate (there are possibilities for about each material sort). This is probably the trickiest sleeper to discover a bedding for in view of the equilibrum of pressure alleviation, support, and individual choice. The arm will in general disrupt your sleeping position when lying sideways, so a soft mattress will preferably shape more to your shoulder/arm region. In any case, some side sleepers despite everything favor a firmer innerspring mattress. Once more, choice and necessities take point of reference.

Cost vs. Quality

The cheapest beds are generally innerspring types, simply due to the fact they are the most frequent ones, but there are additionally foam that is especially inexpensive. Of course, there’s nevertheless going to be a huge variant depending on brand, etc. If this is what your kid is used to, then it may additionally be appropriate match for them. You can locate both high great and poor-quality ones, so it is better for you to thread carefully.

Memory foam products aren’t as high-priced as they used to be, turning into so wildly popular online. HOWEVER, you need to look at the first-class of the lower priced memory foam beds, there have been some scares in the past due to extra cheap materials having greater poisonous components in some instances. Simply search for the correct qualifications, and you and your household should remain safe.

The most high-priced products are normally made of latex as they can stand the test of time for over a decade, and consumers in all places appear to rave about them. It definitely is necessary that if you determine it is really worth shopping for given the greater price point, or that you pick a measurement that will remain appropriate for your kid for considerable length of time to come.

Water beds are cosy to some however do have a couple of dangers related with them. It’s no stretch of the creativeness to recognise they can be very messy. Kids tend now not to be the most careful with their possessions, so it may want to burst. The remedy isn’t to everyone’s taste, and the feeling can turn out to be disagreeable for some as soon as the novelty has worn off, making them terrible long-term picks for some. All things considered; they are an accessible sort.

Best Mattress for 3 Year Old

Which Type of Mattress?

You’re going to see the following three phrases tossed around a lot when you’re out there buying or searching for the best mattress for 3-year-old and you’re going to prefer to be aware of what these in reality mean. They’re no longer simply advertising terms! Each mattress kind can have exceptional advantages for your teenager, so it’s necessary to comprehend.

Memory Foam

It’s essential to have in mind that only the high couple inches are memory foam typically, and beneath that it is common foam. Keep an eye out for densities, as something that is now not as dense can also fall brief on quality.

The foam helps the physique well, is generally accurate for side sleepers, and you can discover both inexpensive and high-priced ones. It additionally affords exquisite middle of the road relief (not too hard, now not too soft) making them perfect for sharing. When you sit down on one side, it should aid you. This is a fairly suitable advantage if your 3-year-old plans to take this mattress with them similarly throughout life.


These are made from foamed latex however don’t mistake them with memory foam as they are pretty different, particularly with regards to cost.

Latex will in general have hypoallergenic properties and are typically long lasting compared to memory foam products. They’re additionally one of the eco-friendliest of the three sorts we talk about if natural latex is incorporated. They supply the mild aid of a foam mattress, designed now not to get overly warm and sweaty.


The sort the vast majority are simply used to. If a mattress is marketed as foam but has springs somewhere in it, you can technically classify it as an innerspring regardless of the foam.

This is the one most human been conditioned with, so they have to sense pretty natural. As you likely already know, they can take a while to wreck in at first, however once you’ve moulded it to your napping position, it can emerge as even extra comfortable. They have a tendency to experience the firmest of all the mattress kinds in this article and last a number of years. There is a considerable variety of costs and firmness levels, and relying on quality, there’s an innerspring mattress for each and every financial budget.

best mattress for 3 year old

Sleeping Challenges for 3 Year Old

3 year olds appear to have it intense, isn’t that right? or so they would have us accept. The reality is even though that they do have a few challenges unique to them that have to be regarded when choosing the best bed.

Quickly Developing Body

Most growth development spurts occur in early young years, so if you’ve made it past that stage with the identical bed, that might also suggest one of 2 things: your mattress might also no longer be fit for reason or the growth spurt hasn’t occurred yet.

In any case, this is an advantageous time to locate a decent mattress to assist the physique loosen up and get better from growth development as they happen. Growing pains can be severe and preserve individuals up at night. Foam and latex mattresses can be specifically adept at easing aches and pains, so if growing pains or aches in frequent are an actual problem, you can usually consult these brands.

Body’s Circadian Rhythm Is Reset

The circadian rhythm is like the rhythm of life. It maintains our physiques in sync with the world round us, helps us wake up when the solar is up and makes us get worn-out when it gets dark. This can get unsettled when we’re around 14-15 years of age, and it takes some time to modify with adolescence, and subsequently you’ll discover them getting up later than every day and now not feeling worn-out at nights.

This is regular, and keeping in mind that new mattress probably won’t bring that rhythm into a precise cycle, it can without a doubt assist to make sure that whatever sleep they do get, regardless of whether it’s practically nothing, will be exceptionally soothing and of good by and large quality.

More Rest Required

Adolescents need 8 to 10 hours of rest every night relying upon which study you accept, however if the mattress is uncomfortable and they’ve simply got that new recreation on the Xbox, they’re more in all likelihood to continue to go to bed late anyway. A suitable bed is now not solely going to guide their body and make sure any sleep they get is deep, however fingers crossed it will motivate them to go to bed that little bit earlier, as well. In the event that your child is a competitor or just dynamic, you should consider an item with celliant fiber material to give the person in question that additional lift and opportunity to recuperate before the following day comes.

What Kind of Mattress Is the Best for 3 Year Old?

Guardians typically make use of twin, twin XL, or full beds for 3 year old. At last, the bedding you pick will rely upon factors including how your 3 year old dozes, how much space you have, and your spending plan. Be that as it may, the best bed for children will:

  • offer space for growth
  • Give perfect solace and enduring quality
  • Offer extraordinary support for solid growth
  • Give shifting feel and immovability levels particularly significant for more older children who have an established dozing style/position


Along these lines, as you’ve seen, there’s more to picking a bed to suit those developing pre-adult bodies than you previously suspected. In case you’re not enthusiastic about any of these best five decisions or need to buy something a little more special, remember a couple of things when looking:

Do you need a long-haul mattress or a short-term answer for a growth development?

How does your 3 year old sleep?

Is it true that they are going to continue developing, as a result, meaning you may additionally want a new frame next 12 months anyway?

Lastly, your financial limit – would you say you are increasingly worried about expense or quality?

We desire you and your adolescents’ good luck on your mattress buying journey. Don’t hesitate to leave us a remark below! 

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